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Moon Life.

a pure place to retreat a moment in time.

Happiness is a quest of inner fulfillment.


‘Debbie a yoga junkie, Liladhar a yoga junkie too. Both wandering the world looking for spiritual food. Both studied the philosofy for many years in the Far East. And then coincidentally they bumped into eachother in Restaurant Ghandi in India town of Kuala Lumper’.

When becommming parents in the city Amsterdam where we were based, we knew that time was ending there for us. But to take a leap of faith and step out of comfort zone it must be something worth it. Its takes courage to leave the hometown and give up all safety zones for the unknown. We went to Portugal and roamed around. Then we found this wonderful place in the Algarve that holds so much potential.

The whole area of Sao Marcos da Serra is like a Nature Reserve. There is no plastic or garbage laying around, everyting is virgin and pristine. Springs with fresh water supply all over the place. A place where time stands still and birds are making the music all day. Without doubt we sold our place in Amsterdam and drove towards our new chapter in life.

Love, Liladhar, Debbie & Jeya.

To go on a retreat means that you step out of you daily brain activity. Everyone is in need to make this break, specially in modern society. Vacation can not satisfy this need. For deep relaxation you need specific conditions. For instance to not drink alcohol for a week, or to be vegetarian, or staying in a silent place with oxciyin, nature and beautiful landscapes. Another condition is to release mind for daily needs, like ‘what will I eat today, do I get enough sleep for the night’, and other material stuf'. In a retreat all is provided and this routine is giving peace.

Modern scientists promote the idea more and more that (mantra) meditation is not a hippie thing. It is scientifically proven that the brain has less acivity while practicing meditation. The body benefits through this on a deep level and becomes more healthy.

Moon Life is a rural, pristine and luxury sanctuary, where you have it all.