Crowdfunding Overview

We sold our appartment in Amsterdam and invested all to our new land. We went to the local Portugese bank to apply for a bank investment to establish all dreams. They are very positive to work with us, but only after our domestic home is built. They will evaluate the property only after this is built. We are in a stage of develloping the landscape designing and building our geodestic domestic home. But cashflow is not as shining as the daily sun in the Algarve.

That’s why we came up with a crowdfunding plan, to ask your help.

We offer holiday & weekend packages for staying at Moonlife. And we offer retreat vouchers, that you can use if you like to come to a yoga retreat with one of our amazing global teachers that we will host.

But also you can support us with a temporary loan or heartfelt donations.


Holidays or Weekend package

We’ll give you the discount if you buy now. This is based on a 2 person stay in one of our canvas tents. Breakfast included daily.

Normally a 3 days weekend stay would cost € 255.
Now we offer this for € 200.

Normally  a 5 days stay would cost € 425.
Now we offer this for € 370.

Normally a 7 days stay would cost € 595.
Now we offer this for € 500.

Normally a 10 days stay would cost € 850.
Now we offer this for € 750.

If you would like to stay in a wooden house once you come, you can pay for the difference at arrival.
Transfer under ‘holidays’.

Voucher for your future Yoga retreat

We will offer Yoga retreats that are organized by global respected Yoga teachers.

For this you can buy a retreat voucher of  € 250,- or € 500,-.

Transfer under ‘voucher’. After receiving your email address, we can sent you the voucher. Any questions please email Debbie, Further details below.

outdoor shala.jpg


Give your temporarily investment.

You can choose an amount to loan from € 100 to € 5000.

Once we receive the investment from the bank to establish the whole retreat center, we can use this to pay you back directly. This will happen within 8-12 months. Transfer under ‘investment’. After receiving your investment and your email we can sent you the signed agreement for this on paper.

Transfer details

Paypal :  , please sent money as friends and family to avoid costs.

Banking : NL46INGB0753740699, name PAM Jongejan, bic INGBNL2A

Or sent Debbie a whatsapp +31629404163 for a „tikkie“ (dutch only)


whatsapp +31629404163

Instagram: @moonlife.retreat

Facebook: moonlife.retreat