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Under million star, is where the Moon is clear and present every night.

The hills make you realize that the only barrier you have is the sky.

And knowing that this Moon above the hills, and all other stars and planets influence our daily lives on a deep spiritual level,

and that we are not the director of this play.

This is Moonlife

2019 will be marked as the year of manifestatations, where we will built our geodesic dome home.

We will grow our own fresh vegetables without chemicals, and it will be a plant-based retreat center. We will use solely solar energy.

And the water utilities are provided by own land from our pure springs. Then last but not least we will be a completely plastic free zone.

We now have upgraded the landscape design with a new 3rd fresh spring lake.

Moonlife is a rural, pristine and luxurious sanctuary, where you have it all.
We will provide comfort with stylish comfortable tents and small geodesic dome wooden houses.


Mimosa announces the Spring

In a blink a the eye, last few weeks the Mimosa tree started to blossom. Air is filled with this amazing smell and fresh flowers to decorate our dining table. Life is full of prana in unspoiled nature..


Algarve oranges are the tastiest ever.

The Winters are for the blossoming Almond trees, and ripening oranges. The organic oranges are splashing its juice into the mouth. Unbelievable tasty! This is Organic Food Paradise.



While walking through our rural virgin land with all these ancient cork trees, goosebumos are tickling me. Vision the potential of doing something very meaningful.